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First off its worth knowing what you should not feed your pet

Here is an interesting article by Rochelle Connery an E How contributor.
If you’re not fond of purchasing pre-made  animal treats at you local pet store you can make your own pettreats at home with everyday household ingredients. However you need to be sure that you exclude any ingredients that could be potentially harmful to your pet.
Harmful Human Foods for pets
Chocolate, Onions, Raisins, Grapes and Macadamia nuts are all harmful or fatal to dogs ( bellaonline). You can substitute Carob in recipes that call for chocolate.
According to Dr. James Glover of chocolate is also unsafe for cats so it’s a good idea to exclude it from any pet that you own.
Safe Foods For Pets
Animals love pungent ingredients in their treats as their sense of smell can arouse a more  a more tasty experience when they eat. Some of the most popular homemade animal treat  ingredients include Garlic, Oregano,Sharp Cheese, Bacon and Salt.
Have a think about how much or how little of these pettreats you want to make and measure  the ingredients accordingly.
I will list a few recipes on the site and I hope you will try some out and leave your comments on the blog. It is real;y useful to have some comments from people who have actually used the recipes rather than just have a “hit and miss” go at choosing a recipe.Having siad that, just like humans our animals are individuals and they do not all share the same palate.
I have two cats and one goes crazy over catnip while the other totally ignores it
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